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  • Finding a Family at Dixie
    Coming to Dixie, I knew I needed to get involved in order to experience the entirety of what Dixie had to offer. In my first year here, I found myself in the Dixie State University […]
  • Why You Should Try for That University Job
    Stumbling through Transitional Math. Stutteringly responding to teachers’ questions. Hesitantly deciding to be an elementary school teacher while trying to declare a major. Clumsily […]
  • Dixie is the Perfect Home Away from Home
    Starting college is pretty daunting even for the bravest and most ambitious of high school students. It’s not easy to move out of your parents’ house and take on new […]
  • Open a Window to the World: Participate in Dixie Forum
    Perfect for those interested in extending their learning outside the classroom, Dixie State University’s weekly lecture series Dixie Forum hosts incredible people who are pursuing […]
  • Everything You Need to Know About Blazer Bulletin
    Welcome to Blazer Bulletin, Dixie State University’s newest source for information. This crowd-sourced digital bulletin allows the people most knowledgeable and passionate about a […]