Everything You Need to Know About Blazer Bulletin

August 6, 2017

Welcome to Blazer Bulletin, Dixie State University’s newest source for information. Blazer Bulletin exists to educate, promote, entertain and inspire the Dixie State University community. This crowd-sourced digital bulletin allows the people most knowledgeable and passionate about a topic to directly reach those who love Dixie State and want to learn more about the institution. […]

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Dixie is the Perfect Home Away from Home

August 8, 2017

Starting college is pretty daunting even for the bravest and most ambitious of high school students. It’s not easy to move out of your parents’ house and take on new responsibilities, especially when you realize that every choice you make from now on will affect the rest of your life. With all of those worries […]

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Finding a Family at Dixie

August 7, 2017

Coming to Dixie, I knew I needed to get involved in order to experience the entirety of what Dixie had to offer. In my first year here, I found myself in the Dixie State University Student Association as a committee member. After hours of handing out flyers and sticking papers in all the bathroom stalls […]

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