Finding a Family at Dixie

Finding a Family at Dixie

Coming to Dixie, I knew I needed to get involved in order to experience the entirety of what Dixie had to offer

In my first year here, I found myself in the Dixie State University Student Association as a committee member. After hours of handing out flyers and sticking papers in all the bathroom stalls on campus, I applied for the Admin. Assistant to the Vice President of Academics position and became a part of the Student Senate. At the time, it was impossible to even imagine the impact student government would have on my life.

Not only was I exposed to a variety of opportunities and networking situations with important administrators and legislators, I created friendships that would last for years to come. A handful of us even began to hang out weekly and ended up on a camping trip and hot air balloon excursion.

Fast forward two years to Spring 2016 and I had made the decision to run for the Vice President of Academics position, a spot that had originally seemed boring and stuffy but I had slowly come to understand the importance of. That’s when I received a call I had never prepared for. My father had a massive heart attack and had passed away.

Before you say “I couldn’t do it” or “there’s no way I could handle that,” let me remind you that every step in your life has slowly prepared you to survive what had previously seemed impossible. We as humans are made to survive and the tools for survival are provided for us. My only way to survive leaving my family, coming back to school, and running a campaign was this massive support system I had here at Dixie. Every individual friendship leading up to this shock was crucial to my decision. I was blessed with the knowledge that I would not be alone so far away from home. Tears were shed, hugs were shared, and these friends still build me up every day.

Without the support system and strong bond I have in my student government family, it would have been an easy decision to stay home and quit school for a while. However, every day, I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with these amazing people who surround me.

— Kendra Jensen, 2017 alumna