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Students’ research gets published

Students’ research gets published

By By Rico Del Sesto, Chair of the Department of Physical Sciences

Dixie State students involved in independent research projects recently had their work published in peer-reviewed chemistry journals and book chapters. The students, Aimee Newsham and Mattie Jones, both of whom recently graduated from DSU, were investigating the uses of a unique class of materials called ionic liquids (ILs) during their junior and senior years. Aimee and Mattie utilized ILs, which are organic salts that are liquid at room temperature, to extract metals and dyes from aqueous solutions, resulting in new materials that had unique properties. The results of their research were included in the publications as part of larger projects and collaborations.

Independent research projects such as these provide DSU students with opportunities to explore the unknown and apply their knowledge to complex problems and theories – a great example of the “active learning” component of the DSU experience. Abstracts and links to their recent publications are below. For more information about these projects, as well as research opportunities for students and collaborations with DSU faculty, please contact Rico Del Sesto (, who was the faculty mentor for these students and the Director for Undergraduate Research at DSU.

Todd C. Monson, Jean L. Leger, Tyler E. Stevens, Katherine S. Lovejoy, Jamie L. Manson, Aimee L. Newsham, Rico E. Del Sesto.
“Unprecedented magnetic behaviour in lanthanide-based ionic liquids”
Chemical Communications, 2017, 53, 11682–11685.!divAbstract

Rico E. Del Sesto, Andrew T. Koppisch, David T. Fox, Mattie R. Jones, Katherine S. Lovejoy, Tyler E. Stevens, Todd C. Monson.
“Biphasic Extraction, Recovery and Identification of Organic and Inorganic Compounds with Room Temperature Ionic Liquids”
Chapter in Ionic Liquids: Current State and Future Directions, Eds. Mark Shiflett, Aaron Scurto. ACS Symposium Series 1250, 2017, 283-302.