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Washington County Water Conservancy District Offers Internship for Students

By Rochelle Blatter

The Washington County Water Conservancy District is seeking to hire one or more interns to assist in the completion of research on a number of potential topics, including an examination of the nature and amount of water consumed by its customer base as compared to that consumed in other similarly situated communities.  Such a comparison would encompass consumption by residential, commercial, industrial and institutional water users in each community. The information collected is designed to aid District staff in ongoing management of the District’s existing conservation program, taking into account a number of variables impacting water use patterns in the various involved communities.

The selected individuals will be requested to initially meet with District staff and review existing written materials related to water conservation and water use patterns to familiarize themselves with current conservation programs and practices as well as industry definitions of key terms and prior conservation study results.  The majority of intern time, however, will be devoted to the collection of information, including data upon variables affecting water use, as well as actual water use practices and patterns.  This could entail some initial internet searches, but primary reliance will be placed upon person-to-person phone calls and other direct data gathering.

Other areas of research may include, but are not limited to, investigations into: community costs associated with the provision of water supplies to their customer base; community approaches to the generation of revenue necessary to meet such costs; and community investments into their water conservation programs.

The above tasks will be accomplished under the direct supervision and oversight of District staff.  Interns will be expected to keep detailed and accurate notes of contacts made and information obtained, and to prepare short, well written summary reports thereon.  Staff will assist in the preparation of forms and checklists to aid in the completion of investigations.

This is a $15 per hour paid internship.  Applications are being accepted now through March 30, 2018, through Handshake:  Applicants will need a resume, cover letter and copy of transcript to apply.  Most majors are accepted.

If you need help updating your resume or conducting a mock interview or have other questions, please contact Career Services at 435.652.7737.