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Top three ways the DSU Library is
making studying easier

By Emma Lanners

To help students, faculty, and staff easily check out and return materials, the DSU Library has updated some policies to simplify the process.

1. The Library has increased checkout times to 60 days plus a 30-day grace period to return physical books or A/V materials for faculty, staff, and students. This is an increase from the original three-week checkout limit.

2. Checkout caps have also doubled to 50 items for students and 100 items for faculty and staff, up from the 25-item limit for students and 50 for faculty. These new changes were instituted to help make the physical collection more accessible to the entire campus community.

3. If items are lost or damaged, the patron will be required to pay a flat charge of $100 per item and the $10 non refundable processing fee. The $100 replacement fee is an average of the replacement cost of lost items. The Library has also simplified the fine structure to eliminate the daily late fines that add up to small charges. Now, after the 30-day grace period to return items after the 60-day checkout has expired, materials are assumed lost and a $100 charge per lost item and a $10 non refundable processing fee will be applied to the patron’s account. Items must be returned to waive the $100 fee, but the patron will still be required to pay the $10 processing fee.

Please keep track of and be careful with your items and return them on time!

Please note that these changes do not apply to reserve or interlibrary loan materials.