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A Magical World of Exploration

By Cari Buckner

On October 20, 2018, 250 early childhood teachers, caregivers, university students, and advocates enthusiastically appeared on Dixie State University Campus to spend the day immersed in magical learning experiences.  The 18th Annual Early Childhood Collaboration Conference planned by the Care about Childcare and sponsored by the DSU Family Studies and Human Development Department offered 2 keynote presenters.  Michael Leeman, musician, author, and educator presented on the importance of play in early childhood. Zane Gray, the second keynote presenter, described the magic early childhood teachers, caregivers, and advocates play in the development of young children.

Morning and afternoon sessions were provided for conference participants such as Art and Science for Young Children, The Magic of Math, Every Behavior has a reason, Magical Transitions, Child Trauma: Impacts on Learning and Development, and The Magic of Music and Drama in the Classroom.

At the end of the day, conference participants left the conference with new friends, overflowing bags of resources and new ideas to help them make magic in their own classrooms.