DSU Student Success Sponsors Music Fest

By DSU Student Success

DSU Student Success is proud to sponsor Music Revolution Fest! A free rock concert on October 10th from 7–10 p.m. at the DSU outdoor Fountain Amphitheater, just below the Dolores Dore´Eccles Fine Arts Center. There are four bands with students playing in them, each with a wide range of great sounds (rock, experimental, R&B-Hip Hop). ZION sound is handling the sound system and lighting.

This concert gives these newly formed bands their first chance to play their music for fellow students. The band members are grateful to the university for this opportunity, and a night of rocking out can be a stress reliever for the week of midterms ahead. It can be hard to balance school and work, but for the students in these bands they also spend part of their time creating original music.


The lead singer and guitarist for NVM, Austin Mariano, computer science major; drummer McCabe Johnson, a graphic design major; bass player Ian Ford, and guitarist Jordan Talley have collaborated together on a new album, “Thermal Memory.” The creativity and musical skill it takes to produce an album like this shows the talent that we have at DSU among our students.

Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution

This gypsy father and son band, with Jeff Hoyt as vocalist, synth, bass player and Michael Hoyt, graphic design major as lead guitarist, synth player and main composer; have created 7 albums in the last two years. They call their style of music, art rock or experimental rock. Watch out for the doom metal influences! The creation of new music is what they truly enjoy, but being able to perform at DSU is an opportunity they are genuinely looking forward to this next Thursday night. Other band members will be drummer Jaromy Barker, bass player Tim Tiffany, and guest vocalist Echo Austin.

Three Day Weekend

Bass player Khouri Hutter, business major, and drummer Mari Ericksen, music performance major, are two DSU students and band members in Three Day Weekend. The guitarist and vox player, Allen, wears costumes like the face of Elvis, so you never know what to expect, but the band members enjoy creating pop-style music that breaks the norms, great sound. Their positive vibe is contagious.

South West Rambo

Bass player Colten Lomenick, the multi-talented Octavio Lacayo, and Jordan Trumble, singer, form the South West Rambo trio. Their style of original music is a mix of hip hop, R&B, and pop. They will be among the band members walking around on campus next week encouraging students to attend and share in the music experience.

Sneak Preview

Want to know how they sound? Look the bands on Spotify or check out the links below.

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The weather forecast shows no rain but bring a sweater or jacket since cooler temperatures are coming through this next week.