Raging Red poised for greater impact and reach

By Brett Coleman

A History

As Dixie State’s premiere song and dance recruiting team Raging Red is charged with increasing the University’s visibility in the state, nation and throughout the world. Bringing authentic, honest and innovative performances to crowds near and far, Raging Red’s student performers spread the Dixie Spirit, and engage audiences in an inspiring way.

When Raging Red began in 2009 then-president, Stephen D. Nadauld could tell that campus needed a revival of the Dixie Spirit. Nadauld hired talented musical director Marrilee Webb who renewed the Dixie Spirit by honoring the well known Program Bureau, training students and taking numerous recruiting tours. During her tenure, Raging Red recruited throughout Utah, the Western United States and performance tours took talented students to China, Japan, New York City and Hawaii.

In December of 2018, Marrilee retired from her beloved Raging Red, leaving the program in the hands of DSU Dean of Students and Interim Director Del Beatty. During his short time, Del led the team over 10,000 miles, performing for over 15,000 people, and touring Central Utah, Southern Utah and Costa Rica as they fulfilled their purpose. During this time, Raging Red also had the opportunity to be a featured performance team at the Clark County Fair in Logandale, Nevada.

New Heights

Now, after a national search, Raging Red has a new director taking the reins, Geoff Reynolds. Looking to the future, Geoff is passionate about leading Raging Red to the next level, while continuing to honor  the past. He is excited to have Raging Red share what it means to be a Trailblazer by creating art that matters, inspires, uplifts and tells the human experience.

“Connecting with audiences near and far is no small feat,” shared Geoff. “With the help of social media, video content and strategic partnerships I know that Raging Red will continue to impact the lives of those in our community and beyond.”

Becoming  a student performer on the Raging Red team is no small feat. Students participate in an extensive audition process, maintain academics and rehearse each morning to prepare for representing Dixie State on campus, in the community and at a global level as they assist the University in recruiting efforts. To aid these students in reaching their goals academically and as a team, Raging Red was awarded $40,000 in total scholarships for the academic year.

“I am so grateful for the incredible outpouring of support for our team from Dixie State, our administration, and this community,” shared Geoff.  “We have so much talent on this team and I cannot wait for us to share, through music, all that it means to be a Trailblazer!”

This year 18 students were selected to represent Dixie State on Raging Red.  We are proud to announce the cast of Raging Red for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows.

2019-2020 Cast

  • Alexander Anderson (Sophomore, Exercise Science; Logan, UT)
  • Amy Gee (Junior, Psychology; St. George, UT)
  • Armando Serrano (Senior, Biology; Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Brett Coleman (Senior, Communications; Midway, UT)
  • Brooklyn Potter (Freshman, Vocal Performance; Huntington, UT)
  • Caleb Mousley (Freshman, Business Administration; Saratoga Springs, UT)
  • Christopher Oram (Sophomore, General Education; St. George, UT)
  • Francis Chukujekwe (Junior, Computer Science; Delta State, Nigeria)
  • Jaidyn Harris (Senior, Dance; Pocotello, ID)
  • Jayden Wright (Sophomore, Business Marketing; St. George, UT)
  • Joshua Orjinta (Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Abia, Nigeria)
  • Kaili Sudweeks (Sophomore, Exercise Science; Provo, UT)
  • Kassi York (Freshman, Exercise Science; Las Vegas, NV)
  • Makayla Klumpp (Sophomore, General Education; St. George, UT)
  • Ryan Gama (Freshman, Vocal Performance; Las Vegas, NV)
  • Sadie Brinkerhoff (Freshman, Music Education; St. George, UT)
  • Sailor Mylroie (Freshman, General Education; St. George, UT)
  • Whitney Morrison (Junior, Dance; Oakley, ID)

Rounding out the cast and serving as Sound Technician for the team Nathan Potter (Junior, Film; Huntington, UT).

To learn more about Raging Red or to book them for your next event please visit ragingred.dixie.edu or follow them on social media @ragingreddsu.