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DSU Student Wins Annual Lecture Series and Essay Competition First-Place Award

The McCarthey Family Foundation recently honored Dixie State University student Braxton Thornley with a first-place award during its 10th annual lecture series and essay competition. Competing against students from over 35 institutions, Thornley won the university/college category for his essay on the topic, “Why a free press matters in a democracy.” “Journalism is very important […]

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DSU’s Center for Teaching & Learning Awards Mini-Grants

Dixie State University’s Center for Teaching & Learning has awarded Four-Learning Innovation Mini-Grants to various faculty members on campus.   This year, Wendy Schatzberg, Steve Armstrong and Cindy King, Buna Sambandham and Vinodh Chellamutu, along with Matt Harris and Helen Saar were granted this opportunity to develop new ways to improve student learning. With these […]

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“Public Speaking: A Guide to Success” at DSU’s WRC

“Is public speaking something that makes you want to find a dark corner and hide? Whether you are new to giving speeches or feel only slightly confident, with time and practice you can learn to tackle ANY public speaking opportunity with guts and gusto. Come learn some valuable tools to virtually eliminate the pre-speech jitters.”

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What blazing your own trail in the
Integrated Studies program looks like

“I’m not forced into any kind of box.” Jen Spong ’19 is majoring in Integrated Studies, a program housed in DSU’s Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences department. This innovative major has a focus on individuality and making connections between disciplines.

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Dixie Leadership Conference invites community to Dave McCann’s address

Dixie State University welcomes to campus KSL news anchor and BYU football and basketball play-by-play announcer Dave McCann as the keynote speaker of the annual Dixie Leadership Conference for high school students. The community is invited to attend this speaking engagement at 2 p.m. on June 27 in the M. Anthony Burns Arena. The address […]

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Students’ research gets published

Dixie State students involved in independent research projects recently had their work published in peer-reviewed chemistry journals and book chapters. The students, Aimee Newsham and Mattie Jones, both of whom recently graduated from DSU, were investigating the uses of a unique class of materials called ionic liquids (ILs) during their junior and senior years. Aimee […]

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